Diana Sefo

I am a Shaman, sound healer facilitator, yogi, and an open channel to the divine. It is my soul’s purpose to be a conduit of light, love, and divine presence. Through my Shamanic energy medicine and sound healing sessions, I bring frequencies of divine love and peace to facilitate healing on both a physical and mental level. I work in a Sacred Space, connecting with Spirit, lineage, and spirit guides to help me identify and release stuck energies and trauma. My sacred work involves bridging these higher frequencies into our physical realm, allowing one to remember the wisdom and essence of the soul.

At our core, we all seek love and peace, but these are often overshadowed by fear, doubt, and hurt. Connecting with oneself through the vibrational power of sound and Shamanic tools can lead to a state of deeper awareness and open the gateway to the Divine, peace, joy, love, and abundance. It was through my own darkness, pain, and sickness that I embarked on a spiritual journey and found my light through the power of Shamanic healing, yoga, meditation, and sound healing. During my darkest hours, I received a call from the Divine to walk this path as a medicine woman, remembering my purpose and why I came here.

It is an honor to walk this path beside my teacher, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, who initiated me as a Shaman within the lineage of Shamans. So, beloved, here I am. My heart is full of gratitude as I continue on this journey. I am thankful for those who walked this path before me and for those who are still sharing their wisdom and knowledge. I am a medicine woman and a humble servant, ready to serve. My intention is to inspire and guide you to remember who you truly are so that you can become the highest expression of yourself.

I feel blessed and honored to be a guide on your journey.

From my heart to yours, with love, blessings, joy, and peace.