Shamanic healing is a powerful way to shift your energy, transform your life, and unlock your potential.

Learn what shamanism is and how it can heal you.

Shamanic healing is one of the most ancient healing modalities, widely practiced in most human societies. As a 100,000-year-old spiritual practice, it still carries immense transformative powers for modern men.

Call it mystical or archaic, shamanism has transcended common misconceptions, doctrines, and dogmas. Today, shamanic healing is widely sought by people who need healing and guidance beyond the physical all across the world.

What Is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing helps upgrading the quality of the luminous energy field (LEF).  Also known as a halo or aura, this energy matrix surrounds all living beings and organizes the body the same way that iron filings are organized by a magnet on a piece of glass.

The LEF contains information about our genetic histories, the illnesses and psychological dramas that run in our families and determine how we will heal, age,  and even how we will die. This information is encoded in the form of imprints that are stored in the field.  When we upgrade the quality of the LEF by clearing the imprints of trauma and disease, we create the energetic conditions for health – and disease goes away. This is the foundation of Shamanic Energy Medicine: To create health and heal traumas old beliefs system.

Shamans are working in sacred space and guided by spirit , who guide and assist them in healing individuals, communities, and the planet. These spirits come in the form of spirit guides or power animals.

Spirit guides

Spirit guides are non-physical beings that have signed a soul contract to help you navigate the material realm, and guide you toward your greatest potential on earth. Also referred to as totems. by Anishinaabe people, angels, and nature spirits, your guides can take many different forms.  While they sometimes show up as ancestors or animal spirits, voices and visions, they always vibrate at a higher than human frequency. You can think of them as light beings, energy, or souls that have made their way to a higher plane.  Some belief systems maintain that you’re assigned a specific team at birth, while others believe that guides come and go as you need them throughout your lifetime.

Power animals

According to shamanic wisdom, every person is born with the spirit of one or more animals, which remain with us throughout our lives to guide and protect us. You can have one or more power animals during a lifetime.  As you move through life, you can let go of old and acquire new power animals, depending on the guidance you need.

What is a shaman?

Shamans are mediators between the visible and invisible world.  Shamans were and are individuals that can help you come back to your own essential nature. They can help you to see how the ancient models that you follow, and the beliefs that you have about the nature of reality, create your health, create disease. Shamanic healers help create extraordinary health for willing humans so that their lifespan equals their health span and good health can last a lifetime.

One becomes a shaman by:

  • Birth: When the shamanic ability is passed down ancestrally. It’s said that Spirit chooses to incarnate as a shaman before it’s even born into physical existence. And then, it’s known by the spiritual elders of a tribe upon birth and trained by the elderly shaman.
  • Shamanic initiation: When they undergo a process of facing their darkest fears and overcoming them. And get initiated by an elder shaman and receive the wisdom and gifts.
  • Calling: When they have a near-death experience of any kind. They can become shamans from these experiences because they are said to have known death, returned from it, and thus, have a secret of life not attained by others.

What does a shaman do?

Shamans work directly with the filled to create conditions of health! The shamans’s way of healing is by working at the level of spirit to prevent illness or diseases before it manifest .
Shamans perform multidisciplinary healing under shamanic traditions. You can think of them as doctors, mediums, mystics, and spiritual teachers all in one who:

  • Restore and remove energetic pathways
  • Find answers to life’s challenges
  • Retrieve soul parts
  • Discover the spiritual aspects of ailments and imbalances forhealing
  • Mediate between the worlds to bring the higher wisdom,articulate and teach it to the collective

It may seem that they access invisible worlds for the healing of individuals. But this access is granted for them to apply the wisdom they gain to heal and transform the physical realm.
On top of that, their highest purpose is to create and maintain a balance between humankind, nature, and the spirit realm.

Who should go to a shamanic healing session?

If you face any physical, emotional, or mental disease or imbalance and have tried conventional approaches to heal it with no improvement, you can benefit from a shamanic healing session.
Unlike the conventional western approach to health, based on treating the symptoms, shamans heal the very cause of your ailment.

What to Expect From Shamanic Healing

A shamanic healing session brings about a significant shift of deeply rooted energies that people feel instantly after. Then it ripples in time, impacting multiple aspects of you and your life. You can also expect a release of toxins stored in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. So, in the days, weeks, and months following the session, you want to observe how you feel. Shamans recommend listening to and accepting the energetic changes you may feel following a session. Any discomfort will pass, and new, vibrant, life energy will take its place.


Few sessions will need to be performed to get the full healing at all levels.
For the following months the shaman will frequently check in with you to see how everything is unfolding to offer any additional guidance.

What Happens During a Shamanic Healing Session

A shamanic healing session has three main parts: preparation, shamanic journey, and after-journey (return).
A typical healing session can take place inside or outdoors ,or virtual in a quiet, safe, and relaxing environment. It’s a ‘sacred space’ dedicated to opening, releasing, and healing.

Open conversation with a shaman

The session starts with an open discussion between you and the shaman about your history and current state of things in a safe, nurturing space, where you can be as transparent as possible. This preparation part alone can reap numerous benefits as you are encouraged to be entirely about your background and present challenges and dig deep to go beyond your habitual narratives.

It can bring about greater self-awareness and resolution of old emotional traumas. So the more open you are, the bigger your healing potential is.

Energy work

This is the beginning of the ceremonial work where the shaman prepares your system for the journey.
As you lie on your back, the shaman assesses your energy centers (usually found along the seven chakras of the body) to release any stagnant or foreign energy.

This energy work is healing in itself as it clears and balances your vital energy centers. If any of these centers are blocked, it can manifest as a physical ailment or disease. So when the blockages are removed, it restores your energy flow and improves vitality.