“When we change the consciousness of mankind, more people awaken to help the animals and save the land for them to live in peace.” As effective as sound energy healing is for humans, it is even more for pets. Pets have the

Socrates famously said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” And while this is certainly true, self-reflection is not an easy thing to practice. Living in an incredibly fast-paced world where our mobile phones are constantly buzzing paying attention to

The human body is designed to be exquisitely sensitive to sound. In utero, our ability to hear develops by about eighteen weeks, making it one of the earliest senses to develop. Doctors and hospice workers speculate that in the final moments

I was always confused about what mindfulness truly meant. So with lots of reading and teaching, this is my understanding of mindfulness and how we can apply it in our life. Mindfulness is the art of simply being present. When you drink