We are all guilty of this or we were. Missing that first moment when we wake up in the morning to start our day right.

One of the depressing statistics is how many people check their phones first thing in the morning. They wake up and they look at their social media accounts, checking email, news. This is an addictive behavior.

We’re addicted to stuff, and very little of it is positive.

So we are filling our minds with negative news, negative inputs. We’re not taking control of our health. We’re handing control of our health, and our thoughts, and our beliefs to other people outside of ourselves.

So what’s happening when we wake up in the morning and then hand our conscience over to external sources of information, we’re then saying, you go program my mind for me. And you are getting a completely inaccurate view of the world by doing that.

What I recommend you to do instead and I do this myself In the morning.

When you wake up In the morning your brain waves go from very slow delta to theta to alpha to beta and that’s when your body is the most suggestible to information.

So it is the perfect time to give that time to yourself and one of the best ways is through meditation. Allowing yourself to be in that present moment.

We have our consciousness, but our consciousness is not the artifact of a complex brain. Our brain is more like a transceiver of information from non-locals fields, and a translator of that information into a local reality. We literally make up local reality around us with our brains.

So if you wake up in the morning and you, of course, have a local mind, you have a local body. But if you immediately attune it to a non-local mind, non-local reality, then the news you are getting is the news of the universe. And it is positive, it is full of abundance, and love and compassion, and joy. So now you plug yourself into all of that. You aren’t plugging yourself into all the negative media, the negative inputs, and filling your mind with that.

You’re plugging it into reality.

That stuff out there is not reality. The stuff you feel when you are in deep meditation is reality. You lose yourself in this ocean of bliss when you are there.

All these beneficial shifts happen in your body when you are in the present moment.

So that’s how you want to start your day. And those are the beneficial biological changes you want to be producing in your body, not all the negative ones that come from plugging into the outside world to these thoughts and ideas, and world views and stories that come from the news.

You are at a different level of consciousness,

You are self-regulated,

Creating your own reality.