Harmonize Meditation Pillow


The Harmonize meditation pillow:

● Adds comfort to your mediation practice.

● Improves posture and relieves pressure.

● Has a beautiful heart-shaped design.

● Can be used as a meditation pillow, for back support, or even under the knee to relieve lower back pain while laying down.

● Is made of cotton which is recognized as one of the strongest and less harmful materials to the environment.

● Has a cover that is removable and machine- washable .

● Has an external handle, so it”s easy to carry.

● Is made with love.

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The Harmonize meditation pillow was created from my love for mediation. I started meditating in 2016, and at the time, my biggest struggle was the constant interruptions of lower and upper back pain caused from sitting in the mediation posture for too long. From my experience with yoga, I was aware of the appropriate posture for meditating, and despite maintaining an aligned yet relaxed position between my spine and hips, the pain persisted. What began as a minor inconvenience I was told would go away, eventually prevented me from enjoying my meditation practice all together. I refused to accept the prospect of quitting something that brought enjoyment to my life. Wasn”t meditation supposed to bring serenity and enlightenment? Determined to find a solution, I spent countless hours researching and asking every guru, yogi, and shaman I could find. Eventually, I discovered meditation pillows, but of those available, I found only temporary relief, so I decided to create my own. After a few attempts, I finally settled on a design that helped me go deeper into my meditation practice and allowed me to disconnect from my body because the anchor of discomfort I felt was alleviated by this miraculous little pillow. The Harmonize meditation pillow brings a soft and comforting touch to your practice. It”s designed to improve your seated posture by naturally supporting your lower back, and creating a gentle forward tilt in the pelvis to minimize the pressure on hamstrings and glutes allowing you to safely progress through your meditation journey. Everything starts at the core and you are only as strong as your foundation.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 cm


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